Tuesday, August 25, 2015

5 Successful Ambient Media Campaigns From Around The World

Ambient advertising, or ambient media campaigns embrace creative and unusual methods of advertising that generally appear throughout spaces where you might be less likely to see an ad or marketing scheme. Perhaps one of the greatest things about ambient media is that you can see them just about anywhere – and they can be as quirky, outside-of-the-box, and unusual as you can imagine, prompting your viewers to think and giving you a truly memorable personality.
Previously, the term “advertising” generally led people to think of television ads, posters, flyers and so forth – and more often than not, you’d have your crowd yawning in no time. Back then, most people didn’t think about placing advertisements on everyday objects such as floors, bins and bike-seats. And yet today, strange locations for ads are becoming increasingly common. According to most marketing experts:
The key to a successful ambient media campaign is to choose the best media format available combined with effective message.”
In no specific order, below are some of the most creative and successful ideas from around the world.

1. Revolution360 ACON Condom

In the year 2013, ACON launched an engagement platform for the community to prompt people into thinking more seriously about the risk of HIV. Market research at the time had shown that an alarming proportion of gay men were reluctant to engage in safe-sex with their partners. The ACON condom campaign was hence developed and conducted to raise awareness:
“Among gay men about how they can help end HIV transmission in NSW by 2020.”
Revolution360 used ambient media to grab the attention of the public, by wrapping one of the heritage-listed monuments of Sydney in a Ambient advertising feature overnight, leading to huge debate across Australia and the world. In the end, the amount of coverage that the company got from just this piece of advertising alone was estimated to have a value of around $2 million.
Revolution360's ambient advertising

2. UNICEF Dirty Water

The UNICEF Dirty Water vending machine was conceptualised in New York, in the USA, and was intended to raise awareness about the true need that millions of people around the world have for clean and safe drinking water. The idea was to create bottles of dirty water representing eight lethal varieties and make a vending machine for distribution. The concept caused a great deal of conversation about the charity, and has prompted more people than ever before to donate money towards providing safe water to developing countries.
Unicef Dirty Water ambient media campaign

3. Rimmel Quick Dry Nail Polish

Rimmel – a well-known cosmetics company that frequently produces the latest in make-up trends – introduced a “quick dry nail polish” recently, and used the help of advertising agency JWT London to spark conversation. The ambient media that this company used featured a huge bottle of bright pink nail polish suspended above the streets of London, with a stream of rock-hard polish anchoring it to the ground.
Rimmel Quick Dry ambient advertising

4. The FrontLine Flea and Tick Advertisement

The Saatchi & Saatchi Jakarta advertising company in Indonesia introduced a fantastic ambient media idea for selling anti-tick and anti-flea products, when a local company found themselves desperately searching for a way to push their range of products. Huge stickers, no less than 225 square meters in width, were stuck to the floors of gigantic malls, where people walked over them during their daily shopping activities. From a bird’s eye view, the people walking over the stickers could see fleas and ticks on the back of an uncomfortable dog, and an unforgettable marketing campaign was born.
Frontline Flea Tick ambient advertising campaign

5. Lays Potato Chips

Finally, the famous Lays potato chip company invested in a spot of ambient advertising with a company known as Juniper Park in Toronto, Canada, to show off the local source of their ingredients. Nearby a standard billboard which read “Our potatoes are grown closer than you may think,” the company created artistic pieces that looked like potatoes growing beneath the ceilings of railway and subway stations. The potatoes protruded from dirt-covered tiles, with their roots spread out across the surface, prompting people to look up and take notice.
Lays Potato Chips ambient advertising
As you can see from these campaigns, the sky is the limit and the opportunity is there to really make an impression for your brand. Take the opportunity to add your brand to this prestigious list, and call Revolution360 today, on +612 8572 3906.

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