Thursday, March 26, 2015

Revolutionary Take on Advertising

Everyone is familiar with traditional means of advertising; they can range from TV commercials, newspaper adds, to printed brochures. Although they have proven to be effective since they were first introduced, a new type of advertising has recently become a popular option. Non-traditional media has made waves and caused headlines since it has been adopted as a marketing strategy.

Types of Non-Traditional Media

There are many types of non-traditional advertising available today. The most popular by far is the social media marketing strategy where companies engage with their audience through popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. This type of unorthodox marketing has been greatly accepted and has been a popular option for many businesses. What Revolution360 offers is a different, but very effective marketing strategy. With eye-catching exhibitions that range from billboards to branded coffee cups, Revolution360 leaves no stone unturned and covers every possible angle to create an impact that will last.

Case Studies on Non-Traditional Media

The popularity of non-traditional media has been increasing globally, and has captured the interest of a growing audience. Here are some examples of non-traditional advertising that have been very effective:

• “Share a Coke with” campaign by Coca-Cola has made bonding and reconnecting with friends all over Australia an enjoyable experience.

 • Charlie’s Orchard, Melbourne was successful in launching Charlie’s Juices into the Australian market. The company opted to provide free samples of their 100% natural juice on a large scale digital print wall.

• Marc Jacob’s “Daisy” fragrance market introduction took to the streets of Sydney to bring a little bit of London’s style. Two genuine London Black Cabs were wrapped in artificial grass with daisies which attracted many curious onlookers.

The fresh and unique take on advertising has proven very effective for many other companies who are applying non-traditional marketing strategies. Stay in front of the trend. #JoinTheRevolution now.