Sunday, December 6, 2015

Making Ambient Advertising Work For You

One of the keys to successful advertising is to explore new methods of promoting your company or brand, rather than sticking to the same approach every time. After a while, your audience will start to see your advertising as predictable, unexciting and uninteresting – which will have an impact on how your brand is perceived.

Revolution360 - Ambient Advertising Light Projection

One powerful way to advertise your brand can be by combining and integrating the more renowned advertising methods (such as online marketing, radio and print media) with attention-grabbing, head-turning ambient advertising.

Ambient Advertising Locations

Ambient advertising involves placing ads in uncommon places or on unusual items. In other words, areas where you would not normally expect to find an ad. One advantage of this advertising method is that you do not have to limit yourself to placement indoors. You can use this ambient form of advertising just about anywhere!

It’s important to pick the best possible media format and develop it in with an effective message that will draw attention. These are the types of ads that will make a viewer think about an idea, product or service from a different perspective… making it memorable.

One popular ambient advertising method we’re seeing today is where advertisers are making the promotions for their brand and products much bigger and placing it in on larger more uncommon formats, than they normally do. The unexpected size is one effective way of ensuring your viewers take notice and remember the campaign. It can be a great way to peak curiosity and encourage people to investigate the ad further.

The wonderful thing about ambient advertising is that there are so many different ways that you can use it. It is truly “only limited by your imagination”. From advertising in bathrooms or even in elevators or gardens to large billboards and street posters, there are plenty of different ways that you can get your brand out there and get the recognition that your brand need.

Once you are ready to begin to use ambient advertising for your own business, you will find that a good creative team is going to be priceless. Experts like Revolution360 are geared to think outside of the box to come up with engaging, surprising or even shocking ways to advertise and incite conversation around the target product, service or idea.

There is rarely a good reason to stick with traditional forms of advertising if your objective is to “get your name out there”. The benefits of using ambient media in your advertising mix are many; not least of all being they can be a great and exciting way to promote your brand.

Get Started with Ambient Advertising

Why not reach out to Revolution360 today, to start a conversation about how ambient advertising will help your brand stand out from the crowd?

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

5 Successful Ambient Media Campaigns From Around The World

Ambient advertising, or ambient media campaigns embrace creative and unusual methods of advertising that generally appear throughout spaces where you might be less likely to see an ad or marketing scheme. Perhaps one of the greatest things about ambient media is that you can see them just about anywhere – and they can be as quirky, outside-of-the-box, and unusual as you can imagine, prompting your viewers to think and giving you a truly memorable personality.
Previously, the term “advertising” generally led people to think of television ads, posters, flyers and so forth – and more often than not, you’d have your crowd yawning in no time. Back then, most people didn’t think about placing advertisements on everyday objects such as floors, bins and bike-seats. And yet today, strange locations for ads are becoming increasingly common. According to most marketing experts:
The key to a successful ambient media campaign is to choose the best media format available combined with effective message.”
In no specific order, below are some of the most creative and successful ideas from around the world.

1. Revolution360 ACON Condom

In the year 2013, ACON launched an engagement platform for the community to prompt people into thinking more seriously about the risk of HIV. Market research at the time had shown that an alarming proportion of gay men were reluctant to engage in safe-sex with their partners. The ACON condom campaign was hence developed and conducted to raise awareness:
“Among gay men about how they can help end HIV transmission in NSW by 2020.”
Revolution360 used ambient media to grab the attention of the public, by wrapping one of the heritage-listed monuments of Sydney in a Ambient advertising feature overnight, leading to huge debate across Australia and the world. In the end, the amount of coverage that the company got from just this piece of advertising alone was estimated to have a value of around $2 million.
Revolution360's ambient advertising

2. UNICEF Dirty Water

The UNICEF Dirty Water vending machine was conceptualised in New York, in the USA, and was intended to raise awareness about the true need that millions of people around the world have for clean and safe drinking water. The idea was to create bottles of dirty water representing eight lethal varieties and make a vending machine for distribution. The concept caused a great deal of conversation about the charity, and has prompted more people than ever before to donate money towards providing safe water to developing countries.
Unicef Dirty Water ambient media campaign

3. Rimmel Quick Dry Nail Polish

Rimmel – a well-known cosmetics company that frequently produces the latest in make-up trends – introduced a “quick dry nail polish” recently, and used the help of advertising agency JWT London to spark conversation. The ambient media that this company used featured a huge bottle of bright pink nail polish suspended above the streets of London, with a stream of rock-hard polish anchoring it to the ground.
Rimmel Quick Dry ambient advertising

4. The FrontLine Flea and Tick Advertisement

The Saatchi & Saatchi Jakarta advertising company in Indonesia introduced a fantastic ambient media idea for selling anti-tick and anti-flea products, when a local company found themselves desperately searching for a way to push their range of products. Huge stickers, no less than 225 square meters in width, were stuck to the floors of gigantic malls, where people walked over them during their daily shopping activities. From a bird’s eye view, the people walking over the stickers could see fleas and ticks on the back of an uncomfortable dog, and an unforgettable marketing campaign was born.
Frontline Flea Tick ambient advertising campaign

5. Lays Potato Chips

Finally, the famous Lays potato chip company invested in a spot of ambient advertising with a company known as Juniper Park in Toronto, Canada, to show off the local source of their ingredients. Nearby a standard billboard which read “Our potatoes are grown closer than you may think,” the company created artistic pieces that looked like potatoes growing beneath the ceilings of railway and subway stations. The potatoes protruded from dirt-covered tiles, with their roots spread out across the surface, prompting people to look up and take notice.
Lays Potato Chips ambient advertising
As you can see from these campaigns, the sky is the limit and the opportunity is there to really make an impression for your brand. Take the opportunity to add your brand to this prestigious list, and call Revolution360 today, on +612 8572 3906.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

What Ambient Media is All About

The word “ambient” means the placement of ads at seemingly unconventional places, thus utilising ambient media denotes the formats wherein these ads are placed.

Decades ago, when the word “advertising” was mentioned, people tended to think immediately of posters, television ads, flyers and the like. Back then no one would have thought that it was possible to place advertisements on commonplace objects such as bike seat or bins. Now, however, these kinds of advertisements are seemingly common, an advertising tactic known as ambient advertising.

Monday, May 4, 2015

The History of Street Posters

These days, most advertising materials are posted on social media or on other online platforms, but such advertising media actually owe their origins to effective street poster advertising. Considered as the precursor of marketing strategies, street posters differ from paintings or other works of art on paper, as it is a stylised announcement displayed publicly as a tool for promoting a product, an event, or a cause through images and text. Humble Beginnings Before poster advertising was introduced and the art of lithography perfected, information and news were distributed among people in the form of town criers, or people announcing everything and anything; from goods, lost objects, to burials. Once the process of lithography was introduced and developed in 1798 posters began to be produced, yet these were monochromatic and devoid of any colours and illustrations.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Revolution360, Paving the Way for Non-Traditional Media

Traditional advertising methods are proving to be less effective in this modern age. In order for your business to get the attention it deserves, a bolder, out-of-the-box, attention-grabbing marketing strategy needs to be considered. This is where non-traditional media and the team at Revolution360 can offer their expertise.

What Is Non-Traditional Media?

In the basic sense, non-traditional media is any advertisement that is not on television, radio, or direct print (such as fliers, newspaper ads, and brochures). The main purpose of a non-traditional advertisement is to eliminate the clutter and noise of traditional advertising, to quickly grab and retain the attention of the consumers. This type of media is slowly becoming a more popular option for many marketers and businesses because it is new, unexpected, and captivating to the audience. As a result, it makes for a more successful advertisement.

The Pros of Non-Traditional Media

Quirky, unique, and alluring; the ability of non-traditional media to spotlight a product or service makes it a better advertising alternative. Using this type of media gives business owners an edge over their competition as it leaves a lasting impression on the audience, which they will most likely share with family and friends. This increases the reach of the brand’s initial message, creating a wider audience to sell a product or service.

More than an Edge, It’s a Revolution

Creating original ideas for non-traditional media is a difficult and time-consuming process, especially when you're competing with other high-impacting advertisements. This is where a new perspective can help. Join the REVOLUTION - discover what can happen with experienced professionals who can help show your business or brand in a new light,

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Revolutionary Take on Advertising

Everyone is familiar with traditional means of advertising; they can range from TV commercials, newspaper adds, to printed brochures. Although they have proven to be effective since they were first introduced, a new type of advertising has recently become a popular option. Non-traditional media has made waves and caused headlines since it has been adopted as a marketing strategy.

Types of Non-Traditional Media

There are many types of non-traditional advertising available today. The most popular by far is the social media marketing strategy where companies engage with their audience through popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. This type of unorthodox marketing has been greatly accepted and has been a popular option for many businesses. What Revolution360 offers is a different, but very effective marketing strategy. With eye-catching exhibitions that range from billboards to branded coffee cups, Revolution360 leaves no stone unturned and covers every possible angle to create an impact that will last.

Case Studies on Non-Traditional Media

The popularity of non-traditional media has been increasing globally, and has captured the interest of a growing audience. Here are some examples of non-traditional advertising that have been very effective:

• “Share a Coke with” campaign by Coca-Cola has made bonding and reconnecting with friends all over Australia an enjoyable experience.

 • Charlie’s Orchard, Melbourne was successful in launching Charlie’s Juices into the Australian market. The company opted to provide free samples of their 100% natural juice on a large scale digital print wall.

• Marc Jacob’s “Daisy” fragrance market introduction took to the streets of Sydney to bring a little bit of London’s style. Two genuine London Black Cabs were wrapped in artificial grass with daisies which attracted many curious onlookers.

The fresh and unique take on advertising has proven very effective for many other companies who are applying non-traditional marketing strategies. Stay in front of the trend. #JoinTheRevolution now.